Senior DevOps Engineer


DevOps owner for the MSE team at Rapid7

  • Leading and Creating DevOps initiatives for the MSE Team in Rapid7 that supports teams via products that handle all of the security alerts coming from our customers' monitoring environments
  • Performed the migration from an on-premise Jenkins to Jenkins on AWS EKS
  • Upgraded all Jenkins Jobs from Freestyle Jobs to Multibranch pipelines along with implementing shared libraries/pipelines to be used across repos, different dynamic Kubernetes pods to use for such pipelines, and special pipelines for special jobs.
  • Currently pushing and architecting the move over from our team's self supported ECS Cluster to the Enterprise's (Platform DevOps team) supported EKS Cluster to provide more scalability, security, and support for our team and its services
  • Address and patch many security concerns with Code and Infrastructure
  • Maintain and create Terraform code for any infrastructure
Skills: Terraform, AWS, Python, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, Docker, Microservices, Linux, Django, Microservices

February 2023 - Present

Senior DevOps Engineer

Kamsa (Startup)

  • Leading DevOps initiatives for security improvements, CICD improvements, Infrastructure as Code (AWS CDK + Helm), Monitoring and Alerting tools, and scalability improvements for our Kamsa product.
  • Leading Data Engineering initiatives that serve to improve our data review and data automation processes through pipelines and usage of apache airflow. Eg: our Quarterly Data Process where I built out all of the programs for processing data, and organized them into a DAG (workflow) on Apache Airflow.
  • Installed and managed Apache Airflow, Grafana, Prometheus, Celery Flower, and pgpool (along with microservices related to our app) on our main Kubernetes cluster organized through CDK and Helm, deployed through an infrastructure CICD pipeline
  • Assisting in SOC2 Compliance related implementations
  • Split up and refactored our main application’s infrastructure into a scalable and reliable application on EKS (ECS -> EKS). Rebuilding out the CICD pipelines for the infrastructure and the application as well as architecting how Kamsa was implemented on Kubernetes
  • Create and manage JIRAs and tasks for DevOps and Data initiatives, epics, and stories
  • Managing changes to our kamsa.co website
Skills: AWS, Python, Kubernetes, ECS, Docker, CDK, Microservices, Linux, Helm, Apache Airflow, Django, Roadmapping, Grafana, Prometheus, Celery+Flower, Pgpool, Gatsby, Netlify, GraphQL, Data Engineering Infrastructure Architecture

May 2021 - December 2022

Senior DevOps Engineer


  • Leading the effort to improve DevOps practices, such as dockerizing current applications, transitioning svn to git repos, building CICD libraries and pipelines, and establishing DevOps targets and goals for ProShares
  • Contributing to ProShares API code written in Java that parses internal and external financial files and loads that data into our Oracle Database
  • Architecting Software and Infrastructure Solutions (On-prem and Cloud).
  • Led the effort to build a full-stack website, using Python for the API, that served to generate real-time reports for file mover processes within ProShares
Skills: Linux, Python, Java, FlaskAPI, Docker, AWS, SQL, AngularJS, Jenkins, Kubneretes

November 2019 - May 2021

Financial Data Analyst


I created, maintained, shareed, and used various financial analysis programs to assist with personal/auto trading; programs such as an Earnings Call Analysis Toolkit and a Price Change Analyzer. Full List of programs HERE

August 2019 - November 2019

Software Engineer (Data Engineering)

Capital One

  • Upgraded legacy EC2-based data pipelines so that they are more security compliant, able to handle new data transformations, and are multi-regional
  • Created an enterprise-wide solution for vault password management 
  • Created and Managed CICD Pipelines for all of our data applications
  • Built features for and supported a python based web app that deployed and updated serverless data pipelines for business customers to move and transform critical data across Capital One on a daily basis in production
Skills: AWS, Python, Ansible, SQL, Snowflake, Jenkins, Linux, CICD, ECS, ELK Stack

July 2017 - August 2019

Software Engineer (DevOps)

Capital One

  • Created and tested new "Standard" CICD Pipelines
  • Created a new process for deploying out CICD Pipelines to Dev Teams 
  • Built and supported various critical functions for our Jenkins code libraries, such as functions that interact with Capital One APIs to check code quality
  • Created various standalone jobs (used daily) in Jenkins for Cloud Whitelisting
Skills: Jenkins, Groovy, AWS, Java, CICD, Linux

July 2017 - August 2019


Science Cosmos

Created an online course that teaches children (up to the age of 15) first-year python topics. I created the course and the content, taught the class, and trained 2 TA’s.

March 2018 - May 2019

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Virginia Tech

Making contributions to various projects under Dr. Gracanin where needed. This mainly includes creating or implementing chatboxes (artificial intelligence) and implementing and scripting 3D avatars with movement animations into current projects such as FutureHAUS and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) virtual reality research.

May 2015 - May 2017

Teaching Assistant

Virginia Tech

Teachers assistant for the CS 3604 class, Professionalism in Computing. Help organize classroom activities, assist students with questions, and grade assignments.

January 2017 - May 2017

Cloud Engineer Intern


Worked on the networking side of IBM's openstack OVN public cloud deployment. This is an internal tool for an IBM cloud installation that will be able to help with instance sampling and determining if a tenant, availability zone, or hypervisor is down. This is does this by making sure that all instances (or a white/blacklist of instances) can be pinged, are reachable, and can establish an ssh connection.

January 2016 - August 2016

Software Engineer Co-Op


Developed frameworks for a web application interacting with satellite ground systems and set up a replication environment over multiple systems which helped the customer prepare their own working environment.

August 2015 - December 2015

Python Engineer Intern


Modified and created code for automation testing for IBM's Traditional Web Application Sphere and Liberty on the z/OS platform that helped speed up existing processes and created new test cases for a new product.
Technologies used include Python, Telnet, FTP, z/OS, Eclipse PyDev, Eclipse Debugger, Automated Testing, WebSphere Application Server on z/OS, IBM PCOMM, bash scripting, agile

May 2015 - August 2015